Dan Davies & Steve Russell, "Ed Gein: The Musical"

Dan Davies & Steve Russell, "Ed Gein: The Musical"

Premiere date: Oct 31, 2011

Imagine the innocence and the joy of the 1950's. America was prosperous and well. Rock & roll was full of vigor and breathless excitement. All was right with the world. Suddenly a manic crescendo came forth, from the depths of hell, to smash this joyful harmony. The Butcher of Plainfield, The Serenading Psycho, The Maestro of Mortal Mayhem reared his ugly misanthropic head. Straight from the pastoral farmland of Central Wisconsin, Ed Gein redefined evil. His unnatural devotion to his mother, his demonic lust for the recently deceased and his sick and twisted uses of their carcasses shocked a nation. And now his life's story is chronicled through music. Ed Gein, The Musical sets the mood, tone and tempo of his medley of mirth, mayhem, murder and Mom.


Steve Russell | Director

Steve Russell brings youthful energy, a great intellect, and dogged persistence to the DaviesRussell team. Steve went to the Madison Media Institute and studied Video Editing (linear and non-linear) Graphic Design, Web Design, Art Theory, and Business. In the fall of 2009, Steve will be getting his Bachelor's Degree in TV/Film. His video work, editing, camera style, and visual narrative has been compared to internationally known Spanish filmmaker, Pedro Almodóvar. Since 1999, Steve has had a varied and rich work background. At DaviesRussell, Steve will be the head of production and post-production. He enjoys reading, disc golf, his crazy lunatic family, and hand-crafted beers.

Dan Davies | Writer/Lead Actor

Dan has a varied background to say the least. His educational background includes a B.A. in Political Science and English from the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse, where he received Political Science Highest Honors. In the fall of 2009, he will be receiving his Master's Degree in Mass Communications.

Dan has 15 years of experience in the video/television business. He worked with and mentored under internationally award-winning director/editor Ron Bullock of Video Trend Associates since 1994.

He has starred in four straight to video films and produced and hosted five television pilots for national syndication. He has hosted and co-produced over 80 episodes of television seen throughout the Midwest (NBC 26, Fox 11, UPN 32, WB 14, NBC 13, and Pax 55) including a cooking show called, "Sports' Cooking." This unique cooking show created by VTA, was hosted by the late Reggie White's wife, Sara White, and Dan Davies. It featured nationally renowned sports stars cooking in the kitchen. Guests have included 2-time US Open winner and ESPN golf analyst Andy North, 7-time Olympic Gold Medalist Bonnie Blair, NFL Hall of Famer and member of the NFL's 75th Anniversary Team, Reggie White just to name a few.
In 2005, Dan and the venerable Ron Bullock of Video Trend Associates won the Platinum Remi (aka the Spielberg) at the 38th Annual Houston International Film Festival (aka WorldFest). Past winners at WorldFest have included Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, George Lucas, Ang Lee, the Coen Brothers, Robert Rodriguez, Ridley Scott, Spike Lee, etc. With over 4,300 entries from 37 countries, WorldFest is the largest and arguably the most prestigious in independent film.
In 2006, he and Ron, followed that up with a Silver Remi at WorldFest. That same year they also won Best Comedy at the 20th Annual Videomaker Magazine Video Contest and Best Comedy at the Casablanca Futurevision Video Festival. In November of 2006, Dan was featured on the CBS Evening News. Katie Couric and Steve Bassett, creator of the Geico ads, did an almost three minute segment on funny political ads. Only six funny commercials were featured, and two of those six were created by Dan Davies, Robert Lorge, and Video Trend Associates.
One of his videos that he scripted and starred in, The Games We Used to Play, teaches kids how to be healthy by inspiring them to play the physically active games we used to play. It was critiqued in a very positive fashion in over 250 newspapers nationwide by syndicated columnist and author Bob Greene.
He also won the 1996 American Dream Festival World Comedy Contest sponsored by HBO and English Leather Cologne in Nassau, Bahamas. He has been featured in national commercials for True Value Hardware and ITT Technical Colleges, and he has done print modeling for Shopko, Kohl's, Fleet Farm, Tombstone Pizza, Kraft Foods, etc.

He hosted his own syndicated radio show "The Swami," where he played Achmed Benaben (The Swami) from 1998-2001, and he will play the lead role in the movies "Ed Gein, The Musical" (in production Spring, 2009) and "Seed" (in production Summer/Fall, 2

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