Brian Standing, "Pedalphiles" and "War is Sell"

Brian Standing, "Pedalphiles" and "War is Sell"

Premiere date: Sep 09, 2008


This documentary follows the adventures of S.C.A.B. (Skids Creating Apocalyptic Bicycles), a roving gang of bicyclist- artist- philosophers hell-bent on ridding the world of automobiles. Using trash nabbed from the Madison streets, S.C.A.B. recycles junked ten-speeds and kids' scooters into nightmarish vehicles of urban terrorism.


"War Is Sell"

"War Is Sell" dissects the strategies of war propagandists: soldiers armed not with guns, but with words, pictures and commercial advertising techniques in their battle to win hearts and minds. How do you sell a war? How do the techniques of government propagandists, public relations consultants and commercial advertisers work, and why are they so effective?



Every Saturday morning in the summer, residents of Madison, Wisconsin flock to Capitol Square to buy vegetables, fruits, eggs and meat trucked in by local farmers. A newcomer to the Dane County Farmer's Market may observe a peculiar custom: everyone walks around the square in the same, counter-clockwise, direction. One day, a group of radicals rose up, and demanded, "Why don't we try walking the other direction for a change?" This is the story of their revolt -- and the all too predictable results.


"Mecha-Godzilla vs. Megalo-Godzilla"

Godzilla is the most terrifying creature on the planet. But what happens when Godzilla meets a giant robot Godzilla? And what happens when they both meet an even more terrifying creature? Written, directed, scored and animated by a four-year old wunderkind. Look for a cameo by the director.

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