Brian Kline and Dan Scherer - "Striker"

Brian Kline and Dan Scherer - "Striker"

Premiere date: Sep 08, 2012

Writer Daniel Scherer and Writer/Director Brian Kline take you where few dare to go in the world of rock music, the bowling alley! Daniel Scherer delivers the performance of a lifetime as Warrior Squadron’s frontman Danny “Striker” Scherer while Watertown, WI bowling legend, Bruce Martin’s performance as Mr. X is equally, if not more memorable then the self-proclaimed Striker! Watch as the long time rivalry between Mr. X and Striker finally comes to a head in an epic and extremely satisfying showdown that has never been experienced in the bowling universe.


Brian Kline|Brian’s hometown is Watertown, WI but he has lived in the Madison area since the early 90’s.

Music and video production have both been a part of his life since he was very young. He learned piano at the age of 3, and later moved onto guitar and drums. When he was 8 years old his family bought a camcorder and he showed considerable interest and promising talent in video. He spent his teenage years and into his 20’s forming bands and moving from one project to another, but none took off beyond a local level.

At the age of 20 he bought a house and immediately started turning the basement into a recording studio with the help of his friends. He’s been fine tuning his skills as a music producer over the last 10 years. In the early 2000’s he started making a name for himself going by the online name of Sonic Clang, creating music for games.

His biggest success thus far came in 2004 when he joined an international team of game developers brought together to remake the original game, Doom, in the Doom 3 engine. This modification, or mod for short, was named Classic Doom 3. Brian’s task was to remake all of the original 8-bit midi music with real instruments. After 9 hard months of work his part was done, but the rest of the team still had considerable work to do so he lent his skills towards recording voice actors and sound effects for the intro cinematic. The mod was released to critical acclaim in the gaming community. Due to community demand, he soon released the soundtrack separately from the mod. Since their release in 2005, neither the mod nor the soundtrack has dropped out of the “Top 10 downloads this week” section on

In 2006 he dove into wedding videography. This gave him an outlet for his creativity in video production, but after 5 years he’s decided to move on.

In 2008 he had a daughter with his wife (now divorced) and he has refocused his life on being the best father possible for his daughter.

Daniel Scherer|Daniel Scherer, born and raised in Watertown, Wis., thrived on creative endeavors at a very early age. Growing up he spent his free time drawing, painting and writing. When Dan was eight, childhood friends, Paul and Brian Kline, got a camcorder, which became an exciting new outlet for Dan’s creativity. Brian carried the camera everywhere and Dan had no problems doing whatever he could to be entertaining on video.

In high school Dan continued developing his drawing and painting skills, which became his main focus until discovering a love for music when Paul and Brian needed a bass player for their band and decided Dan that should join. The Klines bought Dan a bass guitar and literally forced him to learn to play it. Through intense listening sessions, he learned the bass lines that had sent fireworks of emotion though his entire being. Dan had heard these songs before but never really listened to them, his full attention on every note. This experience ensured that music would become a pivotal part of his future. Also during this time, Brian became more serious about the quality of his videos and he and Dan began writing sketch comedy.

Starting in 1997, Dan attended UW-Whitewater and graduated in 2001with a BA in Graphic Design and a minor in advertising. While at Whitewater, he continued playing in bands and writing music with Brian Kline. In the mid 2000s, Dan and Paul Kline started writing joke songs for fun. Over the course of a few years, Dan had written lyrics for around eight songs, which started feeling like more than just a joke to him. In 2010 he decided it was time to perform one of these songs live as a participant in a singing contest. The song was “Striker”, a comedy rock epic about love, war and bowling, well, mostly bowling. Confident from the positive reaction to his new song, Dan enlisted Brian

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